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Ben Cocker's Novel

Read it as Faleena writes it

Subscribers get the ride of reading the book a chapter at a time as Faleena shares it as she writes! Become a paid subscriber here or on Substack (there is not a $5 option on Substack) and enjoy!  The "Read Here" link below will take you to Chapter 1, to read FREE. Chapter 2 is where the subscription begins, and you can join there Book 28 in Cocker Brothers. Enjoy! 


All here to listen to 

Enjoy audiobooks from Cocker Brothers here soon (some here now), included with your membership subscription. Subscribe and enjoy.

dual narration save for 1

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Just One More Kiss

"Best Feature Film"

Watch the award-winning ghost love story movie Faleena Hopkins wrote-directed and acted in, now on Amazon and YouTube.

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Learn what she knows.

Get tips and secrets for how to self-publish and how she sold over a million books worldwide as an indie. Learn what she knows to increase your own success. 

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What's in the store?

that's a good question.

Want to know what services I use to publish books? You'll find it here. Also, equipment for video-making and Cocker Brothers merch. Plus some pretty necklaces I love.

Bonus Scenes

New Cocker Brothers Book!

Bonus Scenes for allllll the books you've read on Amazon are FREE here when you sign up for the mailing list, or you can buy them on the Zon. 

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Hey Now Podcast

Richard Cascioli & Faleena Hopkins

All about Living your best life, Richard and Faleena drop a topic on their guests (and each other), bringing you gems to help YOU live your best life.

In Audio & Video

You Don't Know Me 

A Stand-Alone Novel

A huge inheritance and FAME is the cost. Read the adventure of Rue Calliwell as she inherits not only millions but two famous brothers who never knew she existed... and aren't happy. 

4700 ratings!

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