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Legal Disclaimer

Breaking Free with Faleena Hopkins podcast is intended for entertainment purposes for adults. The advice, methods, suggestions, et all, given here is of our own experience and may or may not work for everyone.


There are many things to be taken into account when you tackle self-care and personal healing, and we cannot know everyone's history. That would, of course, be impossible. We do not claim to be professional doctors or therapists (although some guests may be).


This is more like friends who came together to share inspiration and experiences with you, our audience, and what you apply in your own life is entirely up to you and is solely your responsibility.


We hope that you find some healing here, and that you take what you like and ignore the rest. You are your own judge of what's right for you. And we leave you the dignity of your own choices.


Now let's enjoy some in-depth discussions, shall we?