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Meet My Guests

Due to projects upon projects, new episodes are temporarily postponed. 


Until then, enjoy existing eps of Breaking Free with Faleena Hopkins. 


How do we conquer and heal our personal inner demons — those false beliefs that rattle around in our brains warning us about what we cannot do?

When really... we can.

We can do 💥everything💥we believe we can. 

Faleena on self love

After polling my readers for a subject, I chose three intriguing questions because they all had one answer: Self love. In this episode I talk about my self-love journey and how hitting bottom was required in order to rise from the ashes. 

Jacki Hydock

Model, Actress, and Painter Jacki Hydock believes we are good enough and makes her friends say it whenever they come over her house.  She's an inspiring woman with a heart of sunlight.

Nina Bergman

Actress, Singer/Songwriter, Model, Ex-Boxer and Ballerina (!) left home at 14 and transformed the words You can't into Watch me. 


A gifted and successful 

cinematographer who’s specialty is action, and who doesn’t take the boys club to heart.  


A 26-year-old whose job carries her to Singapore and New York, from where she just bought her own place in London. One of the fastest manifesters I’ve ever met.  


A movie producer who decided not to listen to the people who told him to go 9 to 5 and is now creating his dream life. And I'm wearing my Mad Men inspired dress because we are drinking bourbon in daylight!


The founder of The Artist Advisory who left NYC art galleries in order to empower artists, leaving her cynicism behind her for good, as well, in order to have a more rewarding life.


An Instagram influencer who is using her own healing process to guide her fans through one of their own to let them see that even though it’s bumpy it’s worth it.